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what great personal service with out lines in the airport. Daniel picked us up in the airport and guided us to the car. on the way back he picked the car up in the hotel parking lot which saved us the day in Budapest . thank you Ladislav for great service and professional treatment.

Lay Z Gordon

In fact I was dispirit to find a suitable car during my trip to Europe, by chance a got in contact with Mr. Ladislav , who arranged a nice , new & clean car for us , he made my trip comfortable, and surprised me when he offered to deliver the car to my hotel, and day before my departure , i called him and again he came to took the car from me from the hotel.very polite, trustable person, like to help and available whenever you call him, great job Ladislav, your services even better than the international companies, I hope to see you continues excellent services..

Farooq Mohd, UAE, Dubai

We rented a Skoda Fabia Combi in July 2015 from CARONE by chance and we were really satisfied with the whole experience. The car was clean and new. We met at Bratislava airport. Our flight was a little late and Mr Ladislav gave as a call, as soon as we landed that he was going to come in about 15 minutes, which he did. He explained everything about the car, which was automatic, how the GPS works, he gave us all the necessary documents and a mobile phone. The car had A/C, an umbrella and bottles of water for all 5 of us. Mr Ladislav also gave us a free map of Slovakia and a very useful tourist guide of Slovakia. We drove 1500 km in Slovakia with no problems at all. Returning the car at Bratislava airport was easy going. Best car rental ever! Thank you Ladislav for your great services and a great trip to Slovakia. Σε ευχαριστούμε πολύ!

Christina & family, Athens, Greece

I have been traveling to Slovakia every year for many years now. I used to rent a car from a rental company in the airport, but then I was introduced to CARONE a couple of years ago. Now it is the second time I rented from Mr. Jagger, and the service is incredible with five stars +. The transport to and from the airport included in the rental price. You dont have worry how to find your way from the parking lot at the airport to the terminal. I case you get lost (like I did) they find a way to you and help you to your destination.
They have a cell phone, umbrella, GPS and anything you ask for ready for you at the pick-up. The drivers are courteous, helpful and very friendly.
Thank you, Mr. Jagger, for your help and for your astounding service you and your staff provide.

Eva Zatrak, Carlisle Ontario May,2015

I have been visiting Slovakia each year for the last 25 years and rented a car from international car rentals. Service good and average.
Last summer (2014) we rented a car from "Car One". In retrospect, it was an experience of excellence: from cell phone to umbrella and a lot between. Delivery and pick-up of the car as a part of the service. Automatic transmission without problem. And help in troubles.
Many thanks

Prof. Ludo Zanzotto, Honorary Consul General Emeritus, Calgary

We infrequently travel to Europe and were looking for a car rental. We had been recommended Car One and we were not disappointed. Good value, excellent service and timeliness is was what we received.
Thanks Ladislav and team for your attention to detail, your patience and providing an easy and simple solution to fit our needs.

Ottilia & Family, Newmarket, ON Canada June 2014

We rented the car for a 10 day trip in Eastern Europe. From the very beginning we were very much impressed about the excellent service we received from Car One.
Ladislav Jared is a business owner with strong values and a very well defined mission. He serves his clients with high level of professionalism and care. His team also provides outstanding servces, and is very friendly , very helpful. Kudos to all of them .
The car was in excellent condition, very reliable and at a reasonable price.
I would highly recommend Car One to any visitor planning to rent a car in this part of Europe.
Judit M Toronto , Canada

Dobry den pan Jager.

Velmi pekne dakujeme za Vas vyborny servis a ochotny pristup k zakaznikovi. Boli sme velmi spokojny. Vasa firma robi viac ako zakaznik ocakava. Budeme Vas odporucat kazdemu kto pojde na Slovensko alebo do Ceska. Boli sme nadmieru spokojny ako s autom tak aj s Vasim profesionalnym pristupom.

Alena a Jaro Gabris Toronto

Our 2 weeks trip to Austria, Slovakia and Czech republic was completely successful mostly because of comfortable family car rental at Carone company and really good service provided by Mr. Jager. We would like to thank company Carone for a reliable and modern car, set of documents, road stickers, TomTom device and your kind support. Doubtless we will recommend your company to our friends and will continue our collaboration.

Yulia, RF, Moscow

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I and my son have just returned from Europe, and rented an auto from "CAR ONE". The "ONE" really does stand for something. In my judgment, it is absolutely, without doubt, #1 in extraordinaire in service; as well as, in competitiveness.
It is a small auto rental business owned and run by, a long experienced guy named Ladislav (Laco) Jager.
In my opinion, you should absolutely give this guy a shot.
Joe Janoscik
Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Joe Janoscik

I rented a car for 1 week in July 2013. I was completely satisfied with the car and the customer service. I highly recommend Car One and will use them again in the future.

Stefan Chrapko, London, On, Canada

Vazeny pan Jager a Vasi zamestnanci.
Touto cestou sa Vam chceme podakovat za absolutne profesionalny pristup pri pozicani auta od Vas. Maximalna spokojnost po vsetkych strankach. Prajeme Vam vsetko dobre.
Mike a Klara Verescak.
Thunder Bay-Canada

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Vazena pozicova carone.
Mal som pozicane auto prvy krat z tejto pozicovne. Bol som milo prekvapeny profesionalnym servisom auto mi na moju ziadost bolo pristavene do Krakowa aj odovzdane tam. Velmi prijemny zamestnanci spolocnosti. Vrele odporucam vyuzit tuto pozicovnu.
Eduard Kanada.

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Carone nm poskytol fantastic servis. Profesionalny pristup s akym sa o nas postarali nam mimoriadne ulahcil a sprijemnil nas pobyt na Slovensku. Na Slovensko chodievame pravidelne kad rok. V minulosti sme poziciavali od poskch aj rakskych spolonosti. Carone je rozhodne ta najlepia spolonos ak sme doteraz mali. Planujeme ju pouzivat aj v budcnosti.

Miriam a Marc

Vazena spolocnost Carone: kazdorocne cestujeme s rodinou na Slovensko a mali sme skusenosti s roznymi autopozicovnami slovenskymi aj rakuskymi. Velmi ste nas ale prekvapili pred dvomi rokmi ked sme si od Vas prvykrat pozicali auto. Mame dve male deti, detske autosedacky zdarma boli pre Vas samozrejmostou. Co nas este viac prekvapilo, cakali ste nas na letisku s flasou vina a s osviezujucimi mineralkami. K vozidlu sme dostali zadarmo navigaciu GPS a mobilny telefon k dispozicii. Dali ste nam rozne tipy na vylety na slovensku a v okoli. Bolo to velke gesto a chceme sa Vam touto cestou podakovat za vyborny servis a od toho casu vyuzivame iba Vase sluzby a samozrejme Vasu autopozicovnu s hrdostou odporucame nasim znamym. Nech sa Vam dari.

Alena a Joseph, Canada

Reference: Na Slovensko cestujeme prevazne kazdy rok, auto si poziciavame od spolocnosti "Car One" a sme velmi spokojni.

Reference: We are travelling almost every year to Slovakia, we have rented car several times from "Car One" and we were very satisfy.

Jana & Peter F., Toronto, ON, Canada.

Our experience with Carone Rental during our visit to Czech republic , Slovakia and Austria was excellent and would recommend this rental company to anyone interested in renting a car in Slovakia or Czech republic.
Thanks to Mrs Diana Berkove for recommending Carone and to Mr. Jager for good work he is doing running this company.

Antonin Lukes, Markham, Ontario, Canada

Having recently returned from a lengthy trip to Slovakia, I want to compliment Carone Car Rentals for its reasonable pricing,
customer service, helpfulness and professionalism as exemplified by Mr. Jager, the individual with whom I dealt and made
much of my trip a real pleasure.
I wish the rental company much continued success.
Vlado Cincik

Vlado Cincik

Vvz. pn Jager,
primne Vs pozdravujem a rd by som Vm poakoval, rovnako ako komplimentoval

za vae silie a profesionalitu, pokia ide o prenjom automobilu z vaej firmy. Mem

primne poveda, e ste vemi pomohli urobi moj vlet a tru Slovenska spen.
Moja srdena vaka a elam Vm aj naalej spech.


Vlado Cinck

Vlado Cincik

Reference: Na Slovensko cestujeme kazdy rok, niekedy aj dvakrat. Odkedy sme sa dozvedeli o tejto firme z Kanadskeho Slovaka stale ju pouzivame a sme nadmieru spokojni!!!! Majitel firmy je nielen prijemny priatelsky a velkorysy, ale aj velmi spolahlivy a promptny, mozete sa na neho 100 % spolahnut... Spravi pre zakaznika viac ako ocakava. Ludia ktori pre neho pracuju su taktiez podobni a prijemni ako pan Jager a velmi dobre sa s nimi komunikuje. Odporucame tuto firmu s plnou doverou, a ze budete spokojni ak sa na nu obratite to Vam mozeme zarucit!

Darina & Vaclav K., Toronto,Canada

In 2010 I traveled to Europe with my husband and one-year-old son. We were worried about having a safe, new car with enough room for all of our belongings. Mr Jager met us at the airport in Vienna with our vehicle. It was the perfect fit! It was a brand new car with plenty of room and a top-of-the-line infant car seat.We were very impressed. When an emergency situation arose while we were in Italy, we were able to contact Mr Jager directly, late at night, and the problem was immediately resolved. We had an excellent experience with Car One, Mr Jager and our vehicle and we will always use Car One for our future trips to Europe. Thank you Mr Jager!

Barbara P., St Albert, Alberta, Canada

I regularly visit Slovakia and always rent a car from Car One. They have very reliable vehicles with great features like GPS and even a personal mobile phone to use while in Slovakia. They provide quick and professional service including transportation to and from the airport as well as maps and directions in the local cities. I would like to thank Mr Jager and his team for his services. I would highly recommend using Car One and will definitely be using the service again on my next visit.

Karol O. Deland, FL

I am very glad to recommend CAR ONE services for hire, as I experienced great satisfaction when I rented a car to await my arrival at Vienna Airport, Austria, then drove it for a week all over Slovakia, Budapest (Hungary) and back to Vienna Airport for my return flight. The car was in tip top condition, and had all modern facilities required. It was a delight to drive about 2000km in comfort and ease, bearing in mind I normally drive in UK on the left side of the road. I highly recommend the Company.

Harold de S

Dobry den vedeni podniku Carone .Dekuji vam za perfektni servis.Vypujceni vozidla ,telefonu i JPS bylo vice nez perfektni.Osobni jednani pana Jagera me velice prijemne prekvapilo,Nemohu rici vice nez dat pratelum a znamym doporuceni a i doporucit cestovkam pro propagaci sluzeb pana Jagera.Toto je velkolepa cesta jak byt uspesny na konkurencnim trhu.Dekuji mnohokrate a tesim se na dalsi cestu ve Vasich vozidlech.

Ontario 647 932 6911

Dobry den Diana

Chcel by som sa Vam podakovat za doporucenie car rental firmy Carone a pana Jagera.

Vsetko bolo ako ste povedali, Vozidlo bolo nove, pristavene vo Viedni na cas cely proces prebiehal velmi profesionalne.

Mobil telefon fungoval bez chyby ako aj GPS. Pre ulahcenie vracania vozidlami bol ponuknuty sprievod s firmy Carone z Bratislavy do Viedne a velmi si vazim ze isli este extramilu aby mi sprijemnili pobyt na Slovensku.

Cena za rental bola vyhodna a ako bolo stanovene v ponuke. Vrele doporucujem firmu Carone a pana Jagera kazdemu kto hlada 110% sevice.

Osobne pouzijem firmu pana Jagera pri kazdej buducej prilezitosti.

Este raz Dakujem Vam Diana a tiez Dakujem panovi Jagerovi

Pekny den a vela uspechov do buducnosti.

Dusan N., Canada, Summer 2011


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